I am Régis Guégan, a physico-chemist and associate professor at Waseda University. I joined on April 2018 Waseda University where I started a research activity, in collaboration ship with Prof. Y. Sugahara on the self-organization of nanosheets resulting from the peeling of layered materials and organic moieties with possible synergetic effects with the cumulative contribution of liquid crystalline organization of both systems leadinfg to hierarchical advanced structures. One important issue concerns the understanding of the phase stability of the assocation of these colloidal phases made of inorganic particles and surfactants systems. The latter organic systems can also be used as a vector to incorporate functional molecules within the structure formed by the inorganic particles that could be preserved in that way and appropriately released (drug delivering systems for instance and development of hybrid materials with functional properties depending on the nature of the guest molecules). The hybrid materials can be used as reinforcers in polymer-based nanocomposites or as absorbents in water remediation strategies.