Park Lab.


The following shows our research areas.

- Future Internet: Major countries in the world launched Future Internet projects which will be used 10-15 years later. The New Network Architecture is researched, including network virtualization, scalability, mobility, and service quality.


- Ubiquitous Sensor Networks: New research about networking real physical systems and integrating and controlling them  has launched. As those physical systems, the followings are included; robot systems, automobiles, electronic aviation systems, and intelligent home/ buildings. Real-time and high reliable communication protocols for them are researched.


- Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks: In environment with no conventional infrastructure, mobile computers need to have a relaying function, be connected, and forward information  to a destination through wireless links. In order to make it available, research has been done. Especially,  applications for disaster areas, low birth and aged society and food crisis are considered.


- CPS (Cyber Physical Systems): Computers and sensors will be embedded everywhere and they will be networked in near future.  Network technologies are studied so that people can make use of this environment comfortably and without awareness of those devices. Medical BAN (Body Area Network) is also researched.