Doctoral Thesis

  • Kota Ido (2018)

"Superconductivity and spatial inhomogeneity induced by electron correlations in and out of equilibrium"

  • Moyuru Kurita (2015)

"Numerical Studies on Quantum Phases Emergent from Interplay of Spin-Orbit Interactions and Strong Electron Correlations"

  • Ryui Kaneko (2014)

"Numerical Study of Strongly Correlated Electron Systems with Geometrical Frustration"

  • Motoaki Hirayama (2013)

"Derivation of Static Low-Energy Effective Models by ab initio Downfolding Method, and Its Improvement"

  • Youhei Yamaji (2010)

"Quantum Critical Phenomena Induced by Changes in Fermi-Surface Topology"

  • Hiroshi Shinaoka (2009)

"Low-Energy Excitations in Itinerant Models with Coexisting Disorder and Short-Range Interaction"

  • Takahiro Misawa (2008)

"Unconventional Quantum Criticality Induced by Proximity of First-Order Phase Transitions"

  • Masahito Mochizuki (2003)

"Magnetic and Orbital States and Their Phase Transitions in Perovskite-Type Ti Oxides"

  • Shigeki Onoda (2001)

"Interplay between Antiferromagnetism and Superconductivity in High Temperature Superconductors"

  • Takeo Kato (1999)

"Dynamics and Thermodynamics of Dissipative Quantum Systems"

  • Yukitoshi Motome (1998)

"Numerical Study of Insulator-Quantum Fluid Transitions in Interacting Multi-Component Systems"

  • Youichiro Iino (1997)

"Quantum Monte Carlo Studies on One-Dimensional Hubbard Model and Heisenberg Spin-Ladder Model"

  • Nobuyuki Katoh (1995)

"Dimerization and Spin Gap Strongly Correlated Systems"

  • Nobuo Furukawa (1994)

"Numerical Study of the Metal-Insulator Transition in the Two-Dimensional Hubbard Model"

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Master Thesis

  • Tomoya Owada (2016)

"in Japanese"

  • Yusuke Konno (2016)

"Roles of multilayers and long-range Coulomb interaction in ab initio effective Hamiltonian for EtMe3Sb[Pd(admit)2]2"

  • Kota Ido (2015)

"Time-Dependent Variational Monte Carlo Method for Quantum Dynamics"

  • Dai Kubota (2015)

"Extension of Cluster Dynamical Mean Field Theory by Real Space Renormalization"

  • Wataru Sano (2015)

"First principles study on high Tc superconductivity in sulfur hydrides under high pressures"

  • Kosuke Miyatani (2014)

"Derivation and Analysis of ab initio Low-Energy Effective Models for High-Tc Cuprate Superconductors"

  • Kensaku Takai (2014)

"New Computational Method for Strongly Correlated Electron Systems at Finite Temperatures and for Dynamics"

  • Katsuki Takahashi (2013)

"Fluctuation theorem beyond steady-state nonequilibrium"

  • Moyuru Kurita (2012)

"Topological Insulators Induced by Electron Correlation and Their Phase Transitions"

  • Yuto Ito (2012)

"Impurity Effects on Superconductivity on Surfaces of Topological Insulators"

  • Ryosuke Akashi (2011)

"Ab initio Study on Superconductivity in β-LixZrNCl"

  • Ryui Kaneko (2011)

"Theoretical Study of Classical and Quantum Heisenberg Model on Kagome Lattice"

  • 西山 隁EE(2011)


  • Mitsunori Nakamoto (2009)

"Numerical Studies on Two-Dimensional Frustrated Hubbard Model"

  • Motoaki Hirayama (2009)

"Electronic Structure Calculation toward Control and Design of Heterostructure Composed of Transition Metal Oxides"

  • Ryota Watanabe (2009)

"Insulator-Superfluid Transitions of Fermions with Attractive Interaction in Optical Lattices"

  • Daisuke Tahara (2008)

"Variational Monte Carlo Studies on Two-Dimensional Frustrated Hubbard Model"

  • Takeshi Aimi (2007)

"Gaussian-Basis Monte Carlo Studies on Two-Dimensional Hubbard Model"

  • Takahiro Misawa (2006)

"Various Critical Points of Metal-Insulator Transitions"

  • Youhei Yamaji (2006)

"Electron Correlation Effects on Lifshitz Transitions"

  • 流E 孝衁E(2005)


  • Kota Hanasaki (2004)

"Application of correlator projection method to the extended Hubbard model"

  • Hidekazu Morita (2002)

"Quantum Phase Transitions in the Two-Dimensional Hubbard Model on Frustrated Lattices "

  • Yohei Noda (2002)

"Numerical Studies on Two-Dimensional Electron Systems with Long-Range Coulomb Interaction"

  • Tsuyoshi Kashima (2001)

"Path-Integral Renormalization Group Studies on Magnetic and Metal-Insulator Transitions in the Two-Dimensional Hubbard Model"

  • Takaaki Tsunomura (2001)

"Electronic Structure of the Spinel-Type Vanadium Oxides"

  • Masahito Mochizuki (2000)

"Magnetic and orbital orders in perovskite-type Ti oxides"

  • Shigeki Onoda (1998)

"Renormalization Group Approach to the Metallic States near the Mott Transition"

  • 福島 十E (1996)

"Hubbard modelにおけるhalf-filled 付近E老EE

  • Takeo Kato (1996)

"Macroscopic Quantum Dynamics of a Fluxon in Long Josephson Junctions"

  • Yukitoshi Motome (1995)

"Variational Monte Carlo Study for the Two-Dimensional t-J Model"

  • 西 薫 (1995)

"Electronic Structure of the Spinel-Type Vanadium Oxides"

  • Youichiro Iino (1994)

"Electronic Structure of the Spinel-Type Vanadium Oxides"

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